Episode 35: 7 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Companion

7 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Companion

Do you get stuck on date ideas for your next date with a companion? The ladies give you 7 fun and out of the box date ideas. Let us know via the comments and twitter what some ideas you have!

Bridgette Sinclair

Femme Fatale November 28, 2018

Date Idea:

A gentleman can fly Vivian and Chantel to Detriot, Michigan to meet up with Bridgette. Then the 4 of us take a helicopter ride around the entire city to see what parts of town we can invest and redevelope. Of course, you can also give us seed money for the investments. 

What's In The News:

The Independent (Out of the UK), September 4, 2018: Lily Allen’s decision to hire an escort during her tour is nothing to be ashamed of

  • The latest debate around sex work has found none other than singer, Lily Allen in the middle of it. Ahead of the release of her upcoming memoir My Thoughts Exactly, the singer revealed that she slept with female escorts during her 2014 Sheezus tour, because she was “lost and lonely and looking for something”. It didn’t take long for the backlash to ensue.
  • Fans were concerned that Allen’s being a mother somehow rendered her pursuit of services from sex workers immoral, and let her know she was wrong. One commenter on Instagram suggested that paying “to use other women’s bodies as if they were commodities” stood in direct opposition to her feminist ideals. Others made the observation that if it’s not okay for men, it’s certainly not okay for women. One fan commented “not sure people would be so supportive if this was a married man with very young kids. Publicity seeking and sad that her kids will hear this in a few years”.
  • Those who did leap to Allen’s defence, however, reminded people that, despite society’s often violent opposition to sex work, there is no shame in seeking it out. And Vivian and I both agree. A shocking amount of people are woefully ignorant about what we do, and are even more intolerant of listening to companions themselves.
  • The write of this article stated that by the end of the year, the UK government will bring in similar laws to FOSTA/SESTA, disguised to protect young people from the dangers of porn. In addition to forcing people to forego their privacy, this law will require all adult content sites to employ age verification tools – an expense only the most profitable of platforms will be able to afford – again, ridding a great deal of sex workers of the independence and safety measures they need to take in order to make money.

Fan Questions & Feedback:

  1. Hey ladies, I have a dating suggestion and this did actually happen to me: one of my favorite companions, asked if we could go to a gun range. With both of us not having any experience with firearms I didn’t think that was a good idea but I did arrange for a firearms instructor to give both of us private handgun training and a week later we took a CCW permit class. Now we can go to range lol. I’ve known this lady for a couple of years and I have never seen her more excited with her firing a handgun. I definitely hit a homerun with her with this.

2. Got to listen to the podcast where you mentioned me and I’m glad you got good use of my suggestion.  I happened to see Victoria just recently and she mentioned it to me wondering if that was me and we had a good laugh with it.

3. I am currently working for an agency and desperately want to become independent. I am afraid of doing so because I do not have a network of people I can go to for advice, and it has also been made very clear to me by the agency ‘boss’ that my ‘life will be ruined’ if I cross them. He specifically mentioned stealing of clients etc but I am afraid to even mention wanting to go on my own.  Your podcast has been a god sent. It is just what I needed to get over the fear and loneliness I felt around the clock.

I have been especially impressed with the episode where you interviewed attorney Fattorosi. I think he can provide invaluable information on all the new changes and how to stay under the radar. I am reaching out to you to help organize a seminar. I’d be happy to contribute  $ to get him to a city where we could all meet and am hoping that with your following you can reach other women interested. He had seminars in the past in vegas and does not have anything scheduled. He did indicate on your show that he’d be happy to do a seminar for free, which is unthinkable considering his expertise and the nature of the business. I have a feeling there a lot of companions that would be happy to contribute to his travel expenses.

Please let me know your thoughts!

Fun Out of The Box Date Ideas:


Travel – Most companions love to travel and are passport ready. Travel has been said to be great at releasing your inner adventurer and create lifelong memories. Why not do it with a companion. We are fun and will help you explore things you wouldn’t have thought of. Plus it’s a wonderful aphrodisiac!

Dinner Theatre – Instead of the same old dinner, why not get entertained as well? You get to enjoy the artist with a beautiful woman by your said. Who wouldn’t want that? Here in Miami, Faena & El Tucan put on some fabulous dinner shows so if you are ever in town, book me and we can both go have the time of our lives!

Golf – Think about entering a golf course with your beautiful companion, you will be the envy of all men! Golf is a great way to really get to know each other because it is a game that involves significant time together. This could be your foreplay! Of course some girls need lessons and you might as well, so you can both do it together. Vivian mentioned taking lessons this winter and I just might join her.

Fitness Classes – Sweating together can bring you closer together especially with all the endorphins released. Plus you get to stand behind her and get a really nice view of her derriere…just try to focus on the class as well!

Charity Events – This is one of my favorites! You get to support a good cause and have a great time. Once again, you will be the envy of all men with your sensual companion on your arm

Sporting Events – another great way to share something you love with a companion that will appreciate it. Even if she knows nothing about the sport, you can teach her and get her excited about it too. And you guessed it, you will be the envy of all men!

Concert/Play/Musical/Artistic Performance – There’s something so erotic about experiencing the arts with your lover. It heightens your senses and acts as an aphrodisiac as well. This reminds me of the scene in Pretty Woman where she literally cried after experiencing “La Traviata”.