Episode 34: How To Be A Client Companions Love

How To Be A Client Companions Love

Have you ever wondered why a companion isn’t excited to see you? Are you wanting to be on a companions top favorite client list? Then you must listen to this episode where Chantel and Vivian gives all the tips on how to be a top client!

Jade York

Femme Fatale November 21st, 2018

Date Idea:

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What's In The News:

El Paso Times, September 4, 2018: Texas DPS arrests 13 men in prostitution investigation in El Paso

  • Texas Department of Public Safety special agents arrested 13 men in a prostitution sting in the El Paso area in the first week of September.
  • The four-day operation resulted in the arrest of suspects who allegedly agreed to pay for sex.
  • The operation ran Aug. 27, 2018 for a week and was part of DPS Criminal Investigations Division efforts targeting human trafficking.
  • All the men were arrested on charges of prostitution.
  • Their full names and ages were listed for all to see!

Fan Questions & Feedback:

  1. I’m a somewhat new listener. I absolutely love the show. You’re both vibrant and engaging and a pleasure to listen to, and the information in the podcast in invaluable. Thank you for creating this. I’m not sure if you guys take questions, but I’ve been struggling and I was hoping to get some insight to see if there is something I am missing. I’ve been working independently for about a year with about three years experience in the industry (I was a spa girl for 2.5 years.) I’ve built a simple, but well done website. I have a wide variety of high quality photos (both lingerie and clothed.) The clients that see me repeat at a rate of about 70%, most becoming regulars. My problem is, I seem to have trouble getting people through the door despite engagement on Twitter, despite being retweeted and promoted by more established providers, and despite being connected to a reputable collective. I’m struggling to figure out what to do and was hoping that you maybe had some advice (either directly or in another episode.) I am really passionate about my work and I love what I do, but business being as slow as it is is really demoralizing.
    If you have any advice, thank you in advance. If not, thank you for reading and thank you for creating this wonderful podcast.

2. I was introduced to your podcast last week and I’m working my way up to being all caught up. I’m listening to episode 17 and I heard that you had another site(s) that could be used to be verified and screen potential clients and I’d like that list if possible.

Now my real question is, is it possible to have a full time vanilla job and truly be a great escort. I know that most of these men will have a life and/or family and that they will not always be available in the evenings or weekends. So I just want some pointers and any advice on what is the best thing I can do to do my best.

I’ve dabbled in sex work for a few years now, but finding your show has inspired me to fully commit myself and I’m in the process of rebranding myself. So thank you guys for this great show. I am very grateful to have been introduced to you guys. Thanks in advance for any advice you are able to give

Tips For Your Dates:

We receive quite a few emails from clients asking us how to stay in a companion’s good graces so we decided to do a topic on this to help the guys be wonderful clients that companions look forward to seeing every time. 

Your Approach – there is a recurring complaint from many ladies on twitter about how men make the initial contact. One word texts or emails like “available now?” or “Hi” is a big NO NO. You should give her ALL your information in your initial email. If you are concerned about giving her your real information, then that means you didn’t do enough research on her in the first place. You’re simply just being lazy. Your email should include your full name, screening information, contact information (with instructions on how to reach you), desired date and time of meeting, as well as the length of your meeting, and whether you are looking for an incall or outcall. Of course you should have read the lady’s website to know how to approach her, and what she offers.


Etiquette: Do not attempt to book a lady last minute. Plan ahead! To be safe, if you’re looking for a morning appointment, then you should be reaching out to her the day before. If you are looking for an afternoon or evening appointment, then you should contact her first thing in the morning! Don’t wait till last minute because we all have lives and aren’t sitting around in lingerie, waiting for you to call. Put yourself in the lady’s shoes and think of how would want someone to approach you with a booking. Also, don’t book multiple girls at once to hedge your bets! If you did your research, then you wouldn’t be attempting to book flaky girls! Also, DO NOT ask for any sexual services because prostitution in the United States is ILLEGAL. This will get your blacklisted so don’t do it!


Cancellations: make sure you read a lady’s cancellation policy before booking her. Most ladies today have cancellation fees due to clients booking them in advance and cancelling at the last minute. That’s money she’s missing out on because she reserved the time for you and didn’t book anyone in your time slot. Both Chantel and I have cancellation fees based on when you cancel and the same applies to most of the ladies we know. If you think you’re going to skip out on a cancellation fee, then think again because you will not be able to book another reputable companion because word travels very fast in our community!


The Day Of (Hygiene) – Just listen to episode 17, we give you very detailed instructions on how to get ready for your companion


After The Date – Just because you have successfully completed a booking and met with a lady, doesn’t give you the right to constantly bombard her with emails and text messages. This is very inconsiderate, so do not do it without compensation her!