Episode 27: Learn The Art Of Being A Freestyling Companion

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Learn The Art of Being A Freestyling Companion

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to turn the guy at the bar into a client then you must listen to this episode! The ladies gives you all the tips and tricks to have a successful night or day freestyling on the town. Freestyling isn’t for the faint of hearts, but they’ll have you walk into the next bar with confidence. 

Femme Fatale: Olivia Clairmont

Article Link:

FOSTA sex trafficking law becomes center of debate about tech responsibility 

Episode 26: How To Earn $12K Per Month In Passive Income – Conversations With A Top Content Producer

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How To Earn $12K Per Month In Passive Income - Conversations With A Top Content Producer

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make $12k a month in passive income? The ladies sit down with one of the industries top content producers, Jayda Jacobs. From building a following to self motivation, Jayda shares her tips and tricks in becoming a top producer. 

Femme Fatale: Naomi Carlysle

Article Links

Nevada’s infamous “Love Ranch” brothel just got shut down

Episode 25: Conversations With A Client, Hear What The Gentlemen Are Thinking

Conversations With A Client- Hear What The Gentlemen Are Thinking

Ladies, conversations with a client is a must listen if you’ve ever wondered what the gentlemen are thinking. Chantel and Vivian have a very entertaining candid conversation with Mr. C, Vivian’s client from Nashville. He gives his honest take on what goes through a clients mind while searching and booking a companion. 

Femme Fatale: Sierra Sinclair

Article Links

New Indictment reveals possible ties in ‘escort scheme,’ money laundering

Warrant and Indictment Documents

Department of Justice Media Release

Episode 24: How To Find An Escort Online (And Offline)

How To Find An Escort Online and Offline

Since a lot of gentlemen are still confused on how to find an escort online and offline, the ladies have complied a helpful list on ways to find reputable companions. From Twitter to real world meetings, you’ll never be confused on booking your dream date again. Don’t forget the most important hashtags, city + escorts/companion/gfe (i.e. #MiamiEscorts #MiamiGFE #MiamiCompanions)

Helpful Links mentioned in the episode:




Preferred 411


International Escort


Femme Fatale: Coco De La Rocca 

Article Links:

Trump’s Kentucky Campaign Chair Pleads Guilty To Child Sex Trafficking

Episode 23: How To Get The Best Experience From An Escort

How To Get The Best Experience From An Escort

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On this episode of The Sexy Escort Guide, the ladies discuss how to get the best experience from an escort. So gentlemen, if you’ve wondered how to turn a first time meeting with an escort into her becoming your all time favorite, then this episode is for you. The ladies give step by step instructions on how to have the best date experience. Plus fan questions and the latest tour updates. 

Femme Fatale: Tia Tatum 

Article Links:

Bad Girls Club Star Arrested For Debit Card Theft

Episode 22: How To Tour In The U.S. (Tips On Picking A Market and Maximizing Earnings)

How To Tour The U.S. (Tips On Picking a Market and Maximizing Earnings)

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How To Tour In The U.S. (Tips On Picking A Market and Maximizing Earnings) is a step by step guide on touring from start to finish. If you live in an area that’s not profitable, but can’t afford to move to a big city then touring might be the answer to your problems. On this episode the ladies give the most important tips on touring. The ladies also discuss the drama in the UK and how they are trying to pass a bill similiar to the U.S. FOSTA/SESTS bill. 

Femme Fatale: London James

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UK Politicians push for FOSTA SESTA Style Sex Censorship

Episode 21: How To Market A Luxury Experience Through Your Photo Shoot

How To Market A Luxury Experience Through Your Photo Shoot

This episode is sponsored by: PS Group

On how to market a luxury experience through your photo shoot the ladies get the inside scoop from this episodes sponsor, PS Group, on what it’s like to market a luxury brand from start to finish. Also included in this episode: The police are starting to feel the impact of FOSTA and answering more fan quesions. 

Femme Fatale: Candice Carter

Article Links:

More Police Admitting That FOSTA/SESTA Has Made It Much More Difficult To Catch Pimps and Traffickers

Episode 20: So You Think You Can Submit? Conversations With A Lifestyle Dominatrix

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The Queen of lifestyle Dominatrix, Madame Caramel, has graced TSEG with an interview! This hilarious candid conversation is a must listen. The ladies also answer more fan questions. Tune in to see if your question made the list this week. 

They also shared a story on Kelli Sage, the dominatrix that continued working after having her nose bitten off by a dog. Despite her injuries she continued to work. Her facial reconstruction surgeries are very costly and donations would be greatly appreciated. You can donate to her GoFund me here.

Femme Fatale: Vivian St. Cyr

Article Links: 

Dominatrix kept working despite being bitten in the face by a dog

Episode 19: Alternative Ways To Make Money When Business Is Slow

Summer time = slow season in the escort world, so this episode is dedicated to alternative ways to keep the cash flowing in. Rather it’s additional sex work gigs or vanilla (aka civilian) jobs, the ladies provide a list of flexible side jobs that you can work while things are slow.

Websites mentioned in the show:

WeCamGirls, NiteflirtStripperweb, Uber, Lyft, UberEats, GrubHub, Bite Squad, Door Dash, Shipt, Instacart, Fancy Hands, Time, E-lance, Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, 99 Designs, People Per Hour, OfferUp

Femme Fatale: Ava Hadid

Article Links:

Largest Sex Worker Conference in the US Is Canceled Amid FOSTA Fears


Episode 18: How Much Does An Escort Cost? We’re Talking About Her Time

The ladies break down the science of escort pricing so you’ll never question a ladies rates ever again! Plus other tips for the gentlemen and companions. 

Femme Fatale: Ana Renee

Article Links:

Nevada Brothel Owner Running For Office Sparks Legal Prostitution Debate