Episode 33: Whorearchy Debunked – Conversations With A High-End Companion Mentor

Whorearchy Debunked: Conversations With A High-End Companion Mentor

Every week there’s a debate on Twitter regarding “whorearchy”, so the ladies sit down with the Lydia Dupra, The Heaux Mentor, to discuss this controversial topic, her interview with CNBC, and her documentary on Vice.

Layla Luv

Femme Fatale November 14, 2018

Date Idea:

A wonderful gentleman fly Layla, Chantel, and Vivian to your current location for a full spa day of pampering. After the spa day we go out for dinner, drinks, and a fun night of dancing on the town. Layla is an amazing dancer and so much fun to be around! After a night of dancing we can hit up a swingers club where you, the gentleman, will be the belle of the ball walking around with three gorgeous women on your arms. It will for sure to be a night to remember!

What's In The News:

New York Post, September 12, 2018 – NYPD cops busted in major gambling and prostitution probe

  • A retired NYPD vice detective put his know-how to bad use — allegedly masterminding a prostitution and gambling ring that got him and seven active cops arrested
  • Three sergeants, two detectives and two police officers spent Wednesday night in custody ahead of arraignments Thursday on charges including enterprise corruption, promoting prostitution and official misconduct, sources said
  • The busts are part of a three-year, Internal Affairs probe into cop-protected brothels run on Roosevelt Avenue in Queens and in Sunset Park, Brooklyn
  • Investigators are targeting an additional 30 cops for questioning and possible arrest, sources said Wednesday night.
  • More than 40 civilians have also been arrested, sources said.
  • “Today, those who swore an oath and then betrayed it have felt the consequences of that infidelity,” NYPD Police Commissioner James O’Neill said of the busts.
  • “The people of this Department are rightly held to the highest standard, and should they fail to meet it, the penalty will be swift and severe.”
  • Mike Palladino, head of the Detectives Endowment Association, said, “The allegations are disturbing and if true reflect negatively on the entire NYPD.
  • “However, like everyone else, the detectives have a presumption of innocence until proven otherwise.”
  • The arrested officers were listed by their names, departments, and charges.

Fan Questions & Feedback (18:08)

I have been a sex worker for about 7 years working as a dancer in 15 different states as well as a full service sex worker and sugar babe (as well as my double day life as a secretary!)I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area and South Bay surroundings. I usually prefer free styling than online connections, but while listening to your very entertaining podcast I learned you may be screening for other potential networking connections. I rarely check my SA (Seeking Arrangements), FL (FetLife) or anything anymore so maybe this would be more interesting.  
If I could get more information for screening that would be lovey.
Thanks again for the great podcast and Stay sexy!

Jasmine Preveena

Contact and Where To Follow:

Episode 32 – Sugaring The Right Way: Conversations With A Dating Coach

Sugaring The Right Way: Conversations With A Dating Coach

The ladies are back with Season 2 of TSEGP! Starting this season off with a bang, the ladies interview international dating coach Ms. Imani, aka Actual Black Mermaid. Ms. Imani drops some knowledge on dating in the sugar world and the real world. 

Jasmine Preveena

Femme Fatale November 7th, 2018

Date Idea:

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What's In The News:

From NBC News Oct 16, 2018: Famed Nevada brothel owner Dennis Hof found dead at ‘Love Ranch’

  • On Tuesday October 16, famed brothel owner-turned-politician Dennis Hof died in Nevada, officials said.
  • The 72-year-old Hof, who was running for a state assembly seat, was found dead at the Love Ranch in Crystal, Nevada, according to the Nye County Sheriff Department.
  • “Preliminarily, there is no indication of foul play,” Nye County Sheriff’s Lt. David Boruchowitz. Said
  • “It is with a heavy heart that I share this: Another Pirate King has fallen,” Hof’s lawyer Marc J. Randazza said in a statement. “Rest in Slack, Dennis Hof. I am proud to have called you a client and a friend. Everyone who dies from this day forward will have a hell of a lot more fun on the other side.”
  • Adult film star Ron Jeremy, who was said to have been at a birthday celebration with Hof on Monday, tweeted that he was the one who found Hof dead.
  • “Today I lost one of my best friends. I am the one who found him. Every year we spend the weekend together for his birthday. He said this was the best year ever. I will miss him every day,” Jeremy said. “Rest In Peace Daddy D.”
  • Jeremy told NBC News Tuesday evening in a phone interview that “It was a great day. A lot of political people were there. He said it was the best night of our life.” He said that when Hof didn’t wake up for a planned event, he knew something was wrong.
  • “I said, ‘something’s wrong here. Dennis is very responsible,'” Jeremy said. “I see that he’s just not moving.” He said he and another woman tried to revive him. “His body felt cold. Just cold,” Jeremy said. He said that he ran into the office and 911 was called.
  • His Democratic opponent Lesia Romanov told The Las Vegas Review-Journal.”I’m stunned. This is not the turn I would’ve expected,” “My heart goes out to those who care about him. Just a crazy turn of events. Wow. All I can say is wow.”
  • Hof’s name will remain on the November ballot, according to the Secretary of State spokeswoman Jennifer Russell. If Hof wins, then county commissioners would need to appoint a Republican to take that seat until the next election in two years, Russell added.
  • “I’m just confused and stunned,” his campaign manager Chuck Muth told the Review-Journal.
  • Hof’s birthday was on the Sunday before and he threw himself a party and campaign rally with guests including Jeremy and former Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the Review-Journal reported.
  • Arpaio said he left the party at about 10 p.m. on Monday and Hof appeared to be well and in good spirits.
  • Marc Risman, Hof’s friend and attorney who was at the party, told NBC affiliate KSNV of Las Vegas that Hof was “animated, he looked well, he adopted a dog that night.”
  • Jeremy said that when at the Love Ranch Hof was “in such a good mood.” “Very bizarre and heartbreaking, because he was so happy,” Jeremy said.

Fan Questions:

  1. What tips would you give to a newbie who wants to stay off of the review sites? Is it realistic to gain clients without an official website? I’d like it to be based in a country where SW is legal so I don’t run into any problems later on which is why I’ve been waiting.
    I’ve had a few clients from freestyling in person and through dating sites like tinder but I really want to avoid the crudeness of review sites because I’ve only be doing this off and on for a year but I literally hate hobbyists.

2. Hello ladies, I am reasonably new to seeing companions, only a couple of years and only a handful of dates with 3 different ladies. I have seen a new lady a couple of times and want to know how to handle a situation that has come up. I feel like I don’t get the time that I pay for and wanted to get your opinions on the subject.

The first time I saw her there was a major accident that caused a big traffic jam and she was over an hour late to our date. We had scheduled 3 hours, meeting at a restaurant for dinner and then going to my hotel after. I understood her lateness and didn’t make a big deal of it, these things happen. We enjoyed dinner, drinks and conversation and went back to the hotel. In the room we made ourselves comfortable and she said she needed to pay a bill really quick. She was on her phone (I think paying multiple bills) for what felt like a long time as I just sat and waited. I figured she must have really needed the money I paid her and she had waited for my payment before she knew she could move some money around and pay her bills. Once she finished that she was then a pleasure again, everything was good and I enjoyed our intimate time together. After we finished she said she had enjoyed our time and started to get her things together. Now I’m not a clock watcher who is out to get every second out of a girl, but I still had at least an hour left of our time. I suggested we could get in the jacuzzi and relax a little together, she agreed and we got the tub filled and got in. We chatted for a few but then she said she had to get going and said her goodbyes and left. I’m sure she left around a half an hour early. She had mentioned that she has a son and I figured her being late to our date affected when she needed to leave. I didn’t mention it to her that she had left early. Overall I had enjoyed the date so I decided to give her a second chance.

For our second date I scheduled another 3 hours and I drove an hour to be closer to her home to make it easier on her. This was a daytime meeting and we met at a different restaurant for lunch. When we finished eating she said she was going to go to her bank that was close by. She wanted to deposit the cash I had given her. Once she ran her errand and came up to my room she wanted to tell me a story of another client that had ripped her off and not paid her. I let her vent and tried to joke that she was with a good guy now that pays upfront (as I always do). Everything else was enjoyable after that.

So ladies, how do you feel about an escort running errands and doing other personal things during a date? I do enjoy her when she is present with me. Should I say something to her about her behavior and how should I handle that? I thought about just not seeing her again but then she won’t get better and will lose more clients, and she seems to really need the money. If I am in the wrong here I would love to know what I should have done differently as well. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Episode 31 – Live From Our Ladies Brunch!

Live From Our Ladies Brunch!

If you missed the 1st Annual TSEG Ladies Brunch then you are in luck! The ladies recorded live at the party with 14 of the ladies in attendance. This is an excellent way to hear the sexy voices behind the sexy pics and twitter accounts.

Here’s a list of the ladies that will be heard on this episode:

Layla Luv, Captivating Cory, Ava Moore, Mona Bell, Sasha Evans, Unequivocally Cleo, Jasmine Praveena, Tia Tatum, Jade York, Lena Czura, Lena Duvall, Bridgette Sinclair, Sierra Sinclair, and Gabriella Lima

Femme Fatale: Gabriella Lima

Episode 30: How To Make $10k Per Month From Home: Conversations with A Phone Sex Operator

How To Make $10k Per Month From Home with Amberly Rothfield

 Amberly Rothfield is a 13 year veteran of the phone sex operating industry and one of the Top Active Fem Dommes on the Niteflirt platform. Turning her attention to teaching how she became successful in the sex worker world, she has written a book entitled How I Made 10k a Month as a Phone Sex Operator which is free in digital form to help those entering the field. Her passion is helping those whom, like her when she was new, are in desperate need of help but are lost.

Femme Fatale: Mona Bell

Show Article:

Judge restores Dennis Hof’s brothel license; Love Ranch to reopen

Episode 29: How To Tour Internationally

How To Tour Internationally

Learn how to plan a successful international escort tour with this long awaited epsiode. From getting your mind right to preparing a budget, you’ll be able to plan your first tour following these steps.

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Femme Fatale: Ava Moore

Article Links:

In Strip Club Sting, Undercover Lousiana Agents ‘Cross The Line’ with Big ‘No-No,’ experts say

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