Episode 39: How To Screen Clients (Red Flags To Watch Out For)

How To Screen Clients (Red Flags To Watch Out For)

In the final episode of 2018 Chantel and Vivian ask the most important question from the owner of a screening and advertising directory RSAVS (formerly RoomService2000). Learn the tips and tricks from an expert in screening. Let’s end 2018 on a high note and start 2019 on a safe one! Happy New Year to all of our wonderful listeners and supporters.  

The Sexy Escort Guide Podcast

Zada Freespirit

Femme Fatale December 26, 2018

Date Idea:

Vivian would like to give Tampa a chance to redeem itself as a fun city. For this date idea, Zada and Chantel can take the 3 of them, plus a generous suitor, on an unforgettable evening showing the best of Tampa. 

What's In The News:

From the New York Post, Nov 5, 2018: The truth about men who pay for sex (By Kate Iselin who is also companion)

  • All it takes is a quick look at any media featuring sex workers to see where people would get the idea that most of the clients are creeps.
  • Films and TV shows cast clients as either sinister perverts who slither around in the darkness waiting for workers to attend to them with a whip and a cane, or drug-addled millionaires looking for more Barbie-lookalikes to fill their yachts with for the weekend.
  • Then there’s the way sex workers are represented in the news. We’ve all seen the stock photo: a hand extended from a car window, beckoning a pair of legs toward it.
  • Not only is this a misrepresentation of what sex work actually is, but it’s also dehumanizing to both the client and the companion.
  • The majority of people who visit sex workers — whether they visit strip clubs, brothels, see private workers, or simply download some good, old-fashioned porn — are as normal as you and me.
  • They have jobs, and hobbies, and families, and social lives, just like anyone else. Many are great conversationalists, and a huge majority are respectful, caring and kind.
  • So why does the myth continue to exist? Why do we think all clients are nasty creeps? It’s the heavy stigma around sex work that carries over to our clients, too: It comes from fear. If it’s difficult for some people to comprehend being a sex worker, or seeing one, so their first instinct is judgment and fear.
  • Companions provide a luxury service. Although we might be important to many, we’re are not in the same class as food, shelter and water.
  • Many people envy luxury items because they can’t afford it, so they turn around and hate on it. At the end of the day, it all boils down to individuals and their ‘morals”.

Fan Questions & Feedback:

From: Online form on show’s website

Subject: New Listener fellow companion
Message: Hello Lovely Ladies,
I’m a fellow companion who is based out of Toronto Canada. I took a four year hiatus and I’ve now we re-entered the industry, I’m quite excited and a little nervous. I decided to try to find some podcasts about escorting to get inspired and to shake my nervousness and I came across yours today. I’m so happy that I found your podcast. It’s so refreshing to listen to. I just finished listening to podcast #29 and I have a question, how do you transfer money you receive while touring to different countries into your account? Do you accept cash, PayPal, etransfer etc…?
Thanks for taking the time to read this. I’m off to listen to more of your wise words!
Warm Regards

From: Online form on show’s website
Subject: Dilemma
Message Body: Hi Ladies !
I’ve been a fan of the podcast and I have been following your advice. I started escorting in London, UK in September and I’ve been doing quite well. Most of the experiences with my clients have been amazing so far. Unfortunately, my most recent client (haven’t seen him before) turned up to the booking with “snowflakes/party substances” and appeared to have used some prior to the booking. I ended the booking after an hour as I felt too uncomfortable to proceed. He paid me for two hours of my time and left without too much hassle.
Is it the norm to get clients like him? If so, what are some of the things to look out for and how can you keep yourself safe?
Kind regards

From one of our femme fatales via Twitter DM

I was wondering if you guys could touch on or even just mention that this is not how you find a mentor (I’m not even a mentor to begin with nor do I know this girl at all). “Tagging along” in appointments is so beyond odd and not discreet


Firstly I’d like to congratulate you on the success of your podcast. As a newbie I have found it a resourceful tool in navigating the world of escorting – especially as an ebony escort.

I write this email as I am after some further advice about freestyling and how it works/differs from escorting.  I listened to episode 27 and tried to get as many tips as possible, but I am still unclear about whether or not you approach meeting men when freestyling as you would as would as an escort.

For example you mentioned never to bringing up money and to think about the long-term benefits. Do you mean freestyling at high end restaurants and hotel bars isn’t for picking up escort clients but more for sugar type arrangements? Should I be freestyling with the objective of finding men who will buy me gifts instead of giving me money for sexual services? In your opinion is the freestyling technique better at different times and days of the week? For instance,when freestyling in hotel bars should I be looking out for businessmen during the week or vacation/partygoers at the weekend in Knightsbridge/Mayfair? Can you also tell me if I should ever disclose I am an escort (business cards with my escort info) or do I make up a false profession and indicate I want to be gifted/pampered. At what point and how do I tell the men I want money/gifts – I mean how does one get the loot lol?

I apologise if my questions seem obvious, but I have been very unclear about this way of working for some time now and I see so many women on Instagram freestyling and I too want to be successful at it.

If you could offer any further advice I would really appreciate it.

Many thanks

Episode 38: 12 Things You Should NEVER Ask A Companion

Rather its nervous banter or general curiosity, there are somethings a true gentleman would never ask their companion. There are million subjects you can discuss during your date be the 12 on this list are a major NO-NO! Keep your dates light hearted and keep these questions far away.

Episode 37: How To Be Photoshoot Ready – Conversations With A Top Glamour Photographer

How To Be Photoshoot Ready: Conversations With A Top Glamour Photographer

Photoshoots are one of the most important aspects of your business! This episode will get you ready for your next shoot. Chantel and Vivian interview their personal photographer Paul Cabo of Sexy Lux Studios

The Sexy Escort Guide Podcast

Whitney Vale

Femme Fatale December 12, 2018

Date Idea:

A lovely gentleman fly Whitney, Vivian, and Chantel to New Zealand for a surfing date. 

What's In The News:

From Star Telegram, November 8, 2018: Mother/son tried to sell dozens of girls for $2,000 each to undercover cop, feds say

  • A mother/son-run “prostitution operation” was broken up in Dallas and the duo is now facing charges in federal court, according to a criminal complaint filed on Oct. 30.

  • The 9-page complaint, which was unsealed this week, details an undercover operation by the Dallas Police Department to purchase more than a dozen girls for commercial sex from Daniel Mendoza Jr. and his mother, Helen Kim.

  • According to the complaint, an undercover informant met with Mendoza on Sept. 14 to discuss purchasing about 18 to 20 girls for a night.

  • They made a deal that the informant would get 20 girls for about four hours for multiple men. The sex would be “girlfriend experience.” The document says “the girlfriend experience in the commercial sex realm refers to sex without a condom, and that kissing is allowed during the commercial sex encounter.”

  • The price, Mendoza told him, would be around $2,000 for each girl for a total of $40,000. He told the informant that the price would include the girls “doing it more than once” and that his mother, Kim, would inspect the hotel first to make sure it was safe for the girls. They also discussed the informant getting pictures of the girls, or meeting some of them in person at massage parlors or spas prior to the night.

  • Kim also required that half of the money be given to her in advance, the document says.

  • At the end of a meeting between Mendoza and the informant on Oct. 2, Mendoza warned that, “the way this is set up, it could be considered human trafficking,” the document says.

  • Between that meeting and Oct. 5, the men negotiated Kim’s upfront payment down to $5,000, the document says.

  • On Oct. 16, Kim, the informant and an undercover detective met so Kim could introduce the men to three of the girls and get the first payment. They also finalized plans for the men to have the girls on Nov. 1 from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m., the document says.

  • On Oct. 24, the document says that Kim confirmed with the men that she scheduled 25 girls to be ready Nov. 1 in case some of them got sick or backed out.

  • Both Mendoza and Kim were arrested last week and are charged with using a facility for interstate commerce to promote a business enterprise for prostitution.

  • During their first court appearances on Nov. 2, Mendoza was given a court-appointed attorney. Kim said she would hire her own.

Fan Questions & Feedback:

Via email – Vivian posted a tweet asking clients to voice any problems they had while attempting to book a companion and this gentleman responded thoroughly via email:

Vivian had responded to his tweet stating that he had issues giving out his real life info. “What about these ladies made you uncomfortable with giving your real life info?

He wanted to remain Anonymous

Around SESTA/FOSTA time, it was pretty challenging to find a provider that I was comfortable giving screening info to. As a result, I switched over to exclusively P411 providers but even that became concerning when I suspected I was in communication with LE. Short summary below if you want to the know the details. I don’t want to make the case with just one specific instance. I try to be as objective as possible.

Many providers request real life screening info which I have no problem giving provided I can validate the provider is active on some platform (twitter, instagram, reddit, w/e). The challenge is that some providers are requesting that info with no active social media. This doesn’t apply to either of you obviously or the many that bring it up on Twitter. But as we know, even with Eros’s strict ad requirements (ID/Passport/etc), there’s still fake ads using other provider’s pictures/bios.

TSEG is a unique position to reach out to both providers and clients. Twitter is a bit of a bubble in the sense that you have providers siding with providers and clients siding with clients. Usually any debate devolves into one side vs the other with no minds changed. I don’t think any serious client has an issue with screening, but I haven’t really seen a substantive discussion about what screening means today. Times have changed. LE is receiving federal subsidies to pursue prostitution and having a website and paying for ads is probably insufficient verification for many clients going forward.

Again I’m not questioning screening practices in any way. Just pointing out that screening today is totally different than it was just a year ago. Clients are expected to do everything that we never did: give out  identifying info, real phone numbers (no burners or app numbers), place of employment, etc. There’s lot of clients (usually anonymous) on Twitter that will harass and berate a provider for requiring real life info. Often arguing that providers blur their faces and don’t use their real names. Etc. @LadyKamala has been a great advocate for extensive screening and how it’s necessary for safety. Unfortunately, I don’t think framing the discussion around the safety the provider will change many minds. Likely those clients will just move onto another provider.

However, most don’t realize that a balance has been struck on its own.  Like I mentioned earlier, there’s scammers or LE ripping off pictures/bios and even paying hundreds of dollars to post ads on Eros, making fake wix sites, etc. The only real way for a client to verify a provider is some sort of ongoing verification through social media. Providers want more detailed screening info and clients want more visibility/accountability. Hence, the huge influx of providers on twitter, instagram, etc. I think that is sufficient to convince most clients to provide identifying info. Also, there’s no reason that providers can’t monetize that new level of engagement either (niteflirt, premium snapchat, onlyfans/etc.) Maybe on the podcast, try framing the idea of screening around increased accountability/visibility on both sides rather focusing the concept of screening around provider safety exclusively.

In my case, Twitter has largely alleviated that problem of providing identifying info. It’s been a lot easier to verify a provider is real. Another big one is Wish Lists/Gift Cards. Like in your cases, I sent you both gift cards which you both redeemed and you’re both active on twitter. So I have no issues sending either of you identifying info. It’s not like LE would be able to redeem the gift card.

Assuming I haven’t scared you away, I would be happy to provide you with screening information. I see you’re both on P411.


Short summary:

Contacted P411 provider, she asked for ID. I knew that was the norm now thanks to Twitter. I told her I would after doing some verification. She had a suspended twitter, website also removed within the last 30 days. Found an archived copy of her website and her wishlist. Sent her a gift card. She acknowledged receipt but never redeemed it. Before I can even come back and tell her I’m not able to verify her (<24 hours), she asks to confirm the time and place and no longer needed my ID. Not only that she mentioned a specific sexual act and say it was going to be X amount. I politely said I was unable to verify her and could not confirm the appointment. No response after that.

Episode 36: The Advantages Of The New Tax Laws For Companions

The Advantages Of The New Tax Laws For Companions

It’s the time of the year again! That’s right, it’s tax season. Mary Lee from Companion Tax is back to let you know how to get prepared and the importance of paying your taxes. It’s time to start treating your business like a business! 

Keri Exotic

Femme Fatale December 5, 2018

What's In The News:

CPA Practice Advisor – Sept 20,2018 – Miami Escort Service Evaded $550K in Taxes

  • We reported earlier this year that Dennis Zarudny — owner of Elite Miami Escorts and Elite Escort Service — had been charged with eight counts of tax fraud in 2017.
  • Well, he was just sentenced to two years in prison.
  • Zarudny initially admitted to filing false corporate and personal income tax returns with the IRS in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, “which substantially underreported his business income, ” courts records show.
  • “Zarudny allowed his customers to pay for by cash, check, and credit card,” the U.S. Department of Justice said in a statement Friday.” He reported income from credit card transactions but did not fully report the income he received from customers who paid in cash and check.”
  • As a result, the IRS took a loss of $558,772, records show.
  • In addition to jail time, Zarudny will serve one year of supervised release. A court hearing to determine restitution is scheduled for Dec. 7.

Fan Questions & Feedback:

From our Apple’s podcast page,

On Nov 14 LeXie0526 wrote: A not so vanilla fan: I adore this podcast and the ladies hosting it. I definitely has increased my sense of self confidence and expectations of men. I look forward to gracefully entering into a not so vanilla lifestyle. Keep up the amazing work ladies. I can’t wait for the book.

On Oct 13 eb763 wrote: Kudos to all of your hard work! I can’t thank you beautiful ladies enough! I needed this podcast in my life! Cheers! Xoxo, Kam

On Sept 19 apmemphis wrote: Thanks ladies I just want to thank you beautiful divas for sharing the knowledge of this industry, because of what I’ve learned I’ve become a better companion. I am now doing better business wise than I ever imagined possible, so once again thank you!

Via email

Subject: Fan girling

Hi Vivian and Chantel,

Let me start by saying how much I adore the show! The two of you have such amazing chemistry and are so dynamic. It’s such a pleasure to listen to you intelligent, multifaceted business ladies. I now look forward to Wednesdays and they are made that much brighter thanks to you!

I dipped my toes into the world of companionship right as SESTA/FOSTA started wreaking havoc. I don’t know what the industry was like before this legislative train wreck, but your podcast has been a guiding light on how to succeed in this new-to-me world. 🙂 Recently, I have made to decision to fully dive into the industry and want to thank the both of you for giving me the tools to do so safely. I’ve learned so much from you and have also been encouraging my clients to listen and donate to the show. Thanks ladies!

Via email

Subject: Thanks for a great show! Dear Vivian and Chantel, Over the past few weeks, I have binged through every second of the 35 episodes of TSEG. That’s 45 hours! Like any good fanboy, I wanted to write to express my appreciation for you and the amazing work that you do. (And not just by writing Thank You—I’ve made my donation, too!) You’ve taught me so much, and I am confident that I will be a better client thanks to your show. Like many clients, I started off (about 2 years ago) by reading reviews on The Board That Will Never Be Named. I didn’t know any better, and seeing multiple positive reviews on a companion gave me confidence that she was real, and would provide a good experience. Post-FOSTA, I was concerned about how I would find any new companions. Thanks to your insights and suggestions, I now see that this new world is really much better without that Board! I’ve enjoyed following different ladies on Twitter, getting to know their personalities, exploring their web sites, and I’m looking forward to making great connections and memories soon. (I haven’t booked my first post-TSEG-binge date yet.) The few companions that I have booked in the past are truly some of the most intelligent and genuine human beings that I’ve ever met. During each of my dates with a companion, I always think, Wow, I can’t believe she’s real!And I also think, I can’t believe this is so easy! All I have to do is be honest during screening, follow her instructions, treat her with respect, and be clean, courteous, and timely.The experience has always been amazing and more than worth it! Guys … it’s NOT THAT HARDThanks again for the enlightening experience of listening to TSEG. Keep up the great work. And by the way, You laugh just the right amount! Thanks, -E

Episode 35: 7 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Companion

7 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Companion

Do you get stuck on date ideas for your next date with a companion? The ladies give you 7 fun and out of the box date ideas. Let us know via the comments and twitter what some ideas you have!

Bridgette Sinclair

Femme Fatale November 28, 2018

Date Idea:

A gentleman can fly Vivian and Chantel to Detriot, Michigan to meet up with Bridgette. Then the 4 of us take a helicopter ride around the entire city to see what parts of town we can invest and redevelope. Of course, you can also give us seed money for the investments. 

What's In The News:

The Independent (Out of the UK), September 4, 2018: Lily Allen’s decision to hire an escort during her tour is nothing to be ashamed of

  • The latest debate around sex work has found none other than singer, Lily Allen in the middle of it. Ahead of the release of her upcoming memoir My Thoughts Exactly, the singer revealed that she slept with female escorts during her 2014 Sheezus tour, because she was “lost and lonely and looking for something”. It didn’t take long for the backlash to ensue.
  • Fans were concerned that Allen’s being a mother somehow rendered her pursuit of services from sex workers immoral, and let her know she was wrong. One commenter on Instagram suggested that paying “to use other women’s bodies as if they were commodities” stood in direct opposition to her feminist ideals. Others made the observation that if it’s not okay for men, it’s certainly not okay for women. One fan commented “not sure people would be so supportive if this was a married man with very young kids. Publicity seeking and sad that her kids will hear this in a few years”.
  • Those who did leap to Allen’s defence, however, reminded people that, despite society’s often violent opposition to sex work, there is no shame in seeking it out. And Vivian and I both agree. A shocking amount of people are woefully ignorant about what we do, and are even more intolerant of listening to companions themselves.
  • The write of this article stated that by the end of the year, the UK government will bring in similar laws to FOSTA/SESTA, disguised to protect young people from the dangers of porn. In addition to forcing people to forego their privacy, this law will require all adult content sites to employ age verification tools – an expense only the most profitable of platforms will be able to afford – again, ridding a great deal of sex workers of the independence and safety measures they need to take in order to make money.

Fan Questions & Feedback:

  1. Hey ladies, I have a dating suggestion and this did actually happen to me: one of my favorite companions, asked if we could go to a gun range. With both of us not having any experience with firearms I didn’t think that was a good idea but I did arrange for a firearms instructor to give both of us private handgun training and a week later we took a CCW permit class. Now we can go to range lol. I’ve known this lady for a couple of years and I have never seen her more excited with her firing a handgun. I definitely hit a homerun with her with this.

2. Got to listen to the podcast where you mentioned me and I’m glad you got good use of my suggestion.  I happened to see Victoria just recently and she mentioned it to me wondering if that was me and we had a good laugh with it.

3. I am currently working for an agency and desperately want to become independent. I am afraid of doing so because I do not have a network of people I can go to for advice, and it has also been made very clear to me by the agency ‘boss’ that my ‘life will be ruined’ if I cross them. He specifically mentioned stealing of clients etc but I am afraid to even mention wanting to go on my own.  Your podcast has been a god sent. It is just what I needed to get over the fear and loneliness I felt around the clock.

I have been especially impressed with the episode where you interviewed attorney Fattorosi. I think he can provide invaluable information on all the new changes and how to stay under the radar. I am reaching out to you to help organize a seminar. I’d be happy to contribute  $ to get him to a city where we could all meet and am hoping that with your following you can reach other women interested. He had seminars in the past in vegas and does not have anything scheduled. He did indicate on your show that he’d be happy to do a seminar for free, which is unthinkable considering his expertise and the nature of the business. I have a feeling there a lot of companions that would be happy to contribute to his travel expenses.

Please let me know your thoughts!

Fun Out of The Box Date Ideas:


Travel – Most companions love to travel and are passport ready. Travel has been said to be great at releasing your inner adventurer and create lifelong memories. Why not do it with a companion. We are fun and will help you explore things you wouldn’t have thought of. Plus it’s a wonderful aphrodisiac!

Dinner Theatre – Instead of the same old dinner, why not get entertained as well? You get to enjoy the artist with a beautiful woman by your said. Who wouldn’t want that? Here in Miami, Faena & El Tucan put on some fabulous dinner shows so if you are ever in town, book me and we can both go have the time of our lives!

Golf – Think about entering a golf course with your beautiful companion, you will be the envy of all men! Golf is a great way to really get to know each other because it is a game that involves significant time together. This could be your foreplay! Of course some girls need lessons and you might as well, so you can both do it together. Vivian mentioned taking lessons this winter and I just might join her.

Fitness Classes – Sweating together can bring you closer together especially with all the endorphins released. Plus you get to stand behind her and get a really nice view of her derriere…just try to focus on the class as well!

Charity Events – This is one of my favorites! You get to support a good cause and have a great time. Once again, you will be the envy of all men with your sensual companion on your arm

Sporting Events – another great way to share something you love with a companion that will appreciate it. Even if she knows nothing about the sport, you can teach her and get her excited about it too. And you guessed it, you will be the envy of all men!

Concert/Play/Musical/Artistic Performance – There’s something so erotic about experiencing the arts with your lover. It heightens your senses and acts as an aphrodisiac as well. This reminds me of the scene in Pretty Woman where she literally cried after experiencing “La Traviata”.












Episode 34: How To Be A Client Companions Love

How To Be A Client Companions Love

Have you ever wondered why a companion isn’t excited to see you? Are you wanting to be on a companions top favorite client list? Then you must listen to this episode where Chantel and Vivian gives all the tips on how to be a top client!

Jade York

Femme Fatale November 21st, 2018

Date Idea:

Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

What's In The News:

El Paso Times, September 4, 2018: Texas DPS arrests 13 men in prostitution investigation in El Paso

  • Texas Department of Public Safety special agents arrested 13 men in a prostitution sting in the El Paso area in the first week of September.
  • The four-day operation resulted in the arrest of suspects who allegedly agreed to pay for sex.
  • The operation ran Aug. 27, 2018 for a week and was part of DPS Criminal Investigations Division efforts targeting human trafficking.
  • All the men were arrested on charges of prostitution.
  • Their full names and ages were listed for all to see!

Fan Questions & Feedback:

  1. I’m a somewhat new listener. I absolutely love the show. You’re both vibrant and engaging and a pleasure to listen to, and the information in the podcast in invaluable. Thank you for creating this. I’m not sure if you guys take questions, but I’ve been struggling and I was hoping to get some insight to see if there is something I am missing. I’ve been working independently for about a year with about three years experience in the industry (I was a spa girl for 2.5 years.) I’ve built a simple, but well done website. I have a wide variety of high quality photos (both lingerie and clothed.) The clients that see me repeat at a rate of about 70%, most becoming regulars. My problem is, I seem to have trouble getting people through the door despite engagement on Twitter, despite being retweeted and promoted by more established providers, and despite being connected to a reputable collective. I’m struggling to figure out what to do and was hoping that you maybe had some advice (either directly or in another episode.) I am really passionate about my work and I love what I do, but business being as slow as it is is really demoralizing.
    If you have any advice, thank you in advance. If not, thank you for reading and thank you for creating this wonderful podcast.

2. I was introduced to your podcast last week and I’m working my way up to being all caught up. I’m listening to episode 17 and I heard that you had another site(s) that could be used to be verified and screen potential clients and I’d like that list if possible.

Now my real question is, is it possible to have a full time vanilla job and truly be a great escort. I know that most of these men will have a life and/or family and that they will not always be available in the evenings or weekends. So I just want some pointers and any advice on what is the best thing I can do to do my best.

I’ve dabbled in sex work for a few years now, but finding your show has inspired me to fully commit myself and I’m in the process of rebranding myself. So thank you guys for this great show. I am very grateful to have been introduced to you guys. Thanks in advance for any advice you are able to give

Tips For Your Dates:

We receive quite a few emails from clients asking us how to stay in a companion’s good graces so we decided to do a topic on this to help the guys be wonderful clients that companions look forward to seeing every time. 

Your Approach – there is a recurring complaint from many ladies on twitter about how men make the initial contact. One word texts or emails like “available now?” or “Hi” is a big NO NO. You should give her ALL your information in your initial email. If you are concerned about giving her your real information, then that means you didn’t do enough research on her in the first place. You’re simply just being lazy. Your email should include your full name, screening information, contact information (with instructions on how to reach you), desired date and time of meeting, as well as the length of your meeting, and whether you are looking for an incall or outcall. Of course you should have read the lady’s website to know how to approach her, and what she offers.


Etiquette: Do not attempt to book a lady last minute. Plan ahead! To be safe, if you’re looking for a morning appointment, then you should be reaching out to her the day before. If you are looking for an afternoon or evening appointment, then you should contact her first thing in the morning! Don’t wait till last minute because we all have lives and aren’t sitting around in lingerie, waiting for you to call. Put yourself in the lady’s shoes and think of how would want someone to approach you with a booking. Also, don’t book multiple girls at once to hedge your bets! If you did your research, then you wouldn’t be attempting to book flaky girls! Also, DO NOT ask for any sexual services because prostitution in the United States is ILLEGAL. This will get your blacklisted so don’t do it!


Cancellations: make sure you read a lady’s cancellation policy before booking her. Most ladies today have cancellation fees due to clients booking them in advance and cancelling at the last minute. That’s money she’s missing out on because she reserved the time for you and didn’t book anyone in your time slot. Both Chantel and I have cancellation fees based on when you cancel and the same applies to most of the ladies we know. If you think you’re going to skip out on a cancellation fee, then think again because you will not be able to book another reputable companion because word travels very fast in our community!


The Day Of (Hygiene) – Just listen to episode 17, we give you very detailed instructions on how to get ready for your companion


After The Date – Just because you have successfully completed a booking and met with a lady, doesn’t give you the right to constantly bombard her with emails and text messages. This is very inconsiderate, so do not do it without compensation her!